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Caribe Cordial Bodas y Eventos todo para la planificación de su boda en Cartagena, ofrecemos la coordinación de la boda con todos los servicios para garantizar un evento hermoso y transparente. No hay detalles que serán dejados de lado y la planificación se centra en su estilo personal, presupuesto y preferencias. Trabajamos con los proveedores más creativos y profesionales en Cartagena, Medellin y Bogota para asegurarnos de que el día de la boda todo sea impecable!. El servicio personalizado es nuestra principal prioridad y cada detalle es atendido con gran cuidado.

Estamos comprometidos en crear no sólo  eventos con perfecta ejecución, sino  también bodas que reflejen el estilo personal de cada pareja. Este enfoque personalizado es parte de nuestro compromiso con usted. El acompañamiento de nuestra empresa abarca todos los eventos adicionales en la semana de la boda y la asesoria permanente en el servicio de hospedaje para los invitados.

Nuestro equipo de planificadores de bodas en Cartagena conoce los mejores lugares para celebrar su boda, ya se trate de un estilo colonial, hotel boutique o en el entorno de la playa, Caribe Cordial Bodas y Eventos  va a encontrar el lugar ideal para usted.


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Por catarivan
Utilicé este servicio en mi boda

Daniela and her team (Mariana, Karina and Juan Camilo) were wonderful.  We could not have picked a better wedding planning company.  They did an OUTSTANDING job.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Daniela and Caribe Cordial.  Daniela made our Wedding planning experience fun and exciting, and her first answer to everything was always yes!  We planned our wedding in Cartagena from Singapore, which is literally on the other side of the world.  Daniela was always willing to take a call regardless of whether it was day or night, and she was incredibly supportive throughout the entire process.  She ensured we were able to get married in la Iglesia de Pedro Claver, and also have our reception at el Baluarte de San Francisco.  She also organized a parade from the service to reception, recommended the highest quality vendors, and made sure that we could enjoy our special day and not focus on logistics.  We almost didn't even notice she was there.  She was integral in helping us throw the best party mot attendees said they had ever been to.  It was without question the best day of both of our lives, and we owe a lot of it to Caribe Cordial.  If you are considering using them please do not hesitate.  They will exceed your every expectation.  It doesn't matter what type of event it is they will deliver to your satisfaction!  And my husband's favorite thing of all?!  She was able to secure permits for professional fireworks during our first dance.  It was a magical night that will forever be a night to remember.  Thank you, Daniela and team!!!!!!  

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Por solanov1
Utilicé este servicio en mi boda

Where do I start? Juan Camilo and his team at Caribe Cordial! I don't know how else to describe them.  From my first conversation with Juan Camilo a year before my wedding day, I knew I was in good hands.  I had originally sent a request for info to a competing company and they told me they couldnt even speak with me because my budget was too low (I think I'd said $15k).  Juan Camilo would never say such a thing and promptly set up a call with me and explained everything that they could do for me on my budget. Granted I ended up spending a weeeee bit more than I expected, nothing was ever a surprise! Juan Camilo did his best to cut unnecesssary costs and never added anything that I had not approved. I live in NY so I booked a flight to Cartagena and met up with Juan Camilo along with my sisters.  During that visit, he set up hair/makeup trials, food tastings, venue visits, florists etc etc.  I had such a blast during that visit and I could not believe that we solidified so many things in one trip! The rest of the planning was done over the phone. 

Once the day came, everything I had dreamed of had come true. Juan Camilo was able to understand that I needed something that was traditional but also innovative and a litle rebellious and boy did he deliver! The flowers, the plants, the lighting, the venue.  Everything was to die for.  Every little detail we had discussed over the year had come to life. The staff was at my beck and call and they had such a warm and beautiful nature. They geniunely wanted me to be happy and have everything I needed.  The wait staff was nonstop, the music was on point.  We had 40+ guests flying in from the states and transportation was arranged for all of them from the airport. We had a welcome event the night before the wedding plus a BBQ the day after and THEN Juan Camilo arranged a beautiful bus to take 50+ of us to a resort in Baru.  I just honestly felt like I was in a dream along with the people I love the most.  

Juan Camilo, Mariana, Sarah, Sra. Julia and everyone else- THANK YOU SO MUCH! Everyone continues to say it was the BEST wedding they've been to!  

If anyone is interested in other details you can find pictures on IG under #SolanoDownfortheMount and my handle is @vanvanvanvanvanvanvanvan

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Por lxm202
Utilicé este servicio en mi boda

I have to start giving a big THANKS to caribe cordial for the amazing services provided. I really can't explain how amazing my wedding was. Since the first time we met Daniela, we knew that she was reliable and very professional. We worked together for 8 months via Skype and whatsApp. She helps us to get all the services we needed for the big night. Lighting for the place (IVC Producciones), fans (due to the weather), decoration (the most beautiful flowers I ever seen --> Florarte), bakery  (my case was poppy seed cake-->Elsy Figueroa), venues ( Ceremony at Movich Hotel and reception al el Hotel Boutique Marques), hora loca, bailarinas (Ekobios), makeup artist (Brigitte Lopes), DJ( the best of Cartagena Tavo ) and best photographers (MAT Fotografia). We got married in Cartagena, Colombia on March 2nd, 2018. it was a fairytale wedding. I never imagine in a 100 years my wedding would be so pretty and organized. I was a bridal attendant for many years and I could say today that I've never seen anything like my wedding. Daniela and her whole team (Jessica x2) were amazing, making sure everything was exactly as we wanted and envisioned. Since I got to Colombia they took me to the make up artist, food tasting, and the day of the wedding they were there for anything I needed it. they were excellent and would recommend them. All i have to say is THANK YOU!!!!!!!! exceed all our expectations! 

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Utilicé este servicio en mi boda

My wedding was absolutely perfect! I can’t thank Caribe Cordial enough. Since the moment I first contacted them, I knew Juan Camilo was the one I wanted to work with to plan my wedding, he is smart, professional, creative, super knowledgeable on the wedding field, honest, and above all an excellent human being. We started the planning back in November 17, we live in USA, so we got started with the planning/concept, and then my fiancé and I travelled to Cartagena in February to meet and select the wedding vendors. Everything during the visit was coordinated by Caribe Cordial and we left Cartagena sure that everything would turn out great and it did! In fact, everything was better than expected. Juan was able to work with our somehow small budget and make something great!

Thanks to Juan Camilo and his team, we were able to enjoy our wedding day without ANY stress or worry, everything for the day, even what I was having for lunch was handled by them, so we could just sit back and enjoy our day.

We had 90 guests on our wedding, who travelled from the USA, Venezuela, Mexico and inside Colombia to be with us in Cartagena.  Every single person who attended complimented us in how amazing the party was, some of the comments were that it was “the best wedding ever”, “how beautiful everything was”, “how organized everything was, that there was no detail left out” , “that they had a great time and they were so glad they made the trip” .

With so many people travelling Juan also coordinated a Welcome Cocktail that was the preamble to an awesome wedding and an Island Day trip where 50 of our guest were able to enjoy the Rosario Islands.

We also gave our guest a Welcome Bag with some goodies, which Juan and his team assembled and deliver to my guest hotels.

I can honestly say, there is not one thing I would change from my wedding day (I am pretty sure there must have been unexpected issues, but Juan Camilo is so professional that he probably solved them, and I will never find out).

I was a little unsure at first because this was the first time for Juan Camilo to organize a wedding on my venue (Museo Naval), so what it something would go wrong that he didn’t expect, since he is not familiar with the place, but he went to check the place right at the beginning of the planning and he confirmed he could work with and it would be perfect, and it certainly was!

If you are considering in hiring a wedding planner, please do yourself a favor and hire Juan Camilo y Daniela. Now, they are busy people and probably have 1 or 2 weddings every weekend, in fact, the day of my wedding they had another wedding, but that didn’t affect my wedding at all. So, if you can be a little patience and trust them 100%, you will end up with an amazing wedding like mine!

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Por jnmonacko
Utilicé este servicio en mi boda

The Caribe Cordial team are absolutely the BEST wedding planners in Cartagena and I absolutely recommend them, hands down!  They did such a phenomenal job with my wedding and the other days of events that I'll never stop thinking of them and being forever grateful.  Seriously, if you want to truly enjoy your wedding day and take it all in without any worries, hire them.  They have wedding planning down to a science and beautiful art.  It's been 8 months and people still can't stop talking about my wedding and asking me who did it (and trying to see if they will come to the US).  I'm Colombian-American and planned my entire wedding from Los Angeles.  I'd been to Cartagena a few times but I'd never been to my wedding venue until a few days before the wedding and it couldn't have been more perfect.  I'm a super type-A personality and those that know me truly appreciate how great Juan Camilo and his team must have been for me to take shots and dance the night away!  He made a destination wedding with 120 Americans and 20 Colombians as easy and wonderful as humanly possible.  Before I get too carried away with my praise, I'll start from the beginning:

1. I spoke with a few of the best-rated wedding planners in Cartagena.  I did like 1-2 others, but Juan Camilo stood apart from the rest.  I didn't want the traditional, cheesy roses and bling wedding and he was the only one that understood that.  Plus, he was hilarious and honest, which are both critical traits in this long process.  I also thought their prices were more than fair for all that they offer.

2. We communicated using either Watsapp, Skype or both.  He kept me on track and sent me updates on budget and who I'd paid on an excel spreadsheet that we shared the whole time.  He responded very quickly and let me know ahead of time if he'd be working on another wedding that would delay him a bit.  Note: Juan Camilo and Daniella are the main planners, along with an amazing team like Daniella, who was my little awesome sidekick the entire week of the wedding.  I speak Spanish fluently, so Juan Camilo was the one I worked with.  I think that Daniella would be paired with an only-English speaker.  I spoke to her a few times and crossed paths with her during the tastings and she seems just as fun and fantastic as Juan Camilo.  A bit of a digression but they are both avid animal lovers, have tons of rescue animals and help out a local animal shelter.  Just one of the many reasons I adore them.

3. The week of the wedding.  They were incredibly attentive and quite literally with me the whole time.  I truly missed them the weeks after my wedding-- it felt like losing a friend! I did this all from afar and had about 4 days of events, including the wedding, so it took A LOT of coordination.  Really, in just one long day (and a little of the next day) we tried and sampled everything and finalized the menu.  We began at around 8:30 am and by choice continued the fun until around 1 am! Juan Camilo and Daniella escorted me to every place, helped me buy whatever else I needed, sampled everything with me... truly above and beyond.  Also, I was a little stubborn and liked to do things my own way and pick my own vendors but I will say that a lesson learned is to trust Camilo.  He's been in the industry for a long time and knows everyone and takes pride in his weddings... he will not lead you astray!  I eventually learned to trust him and take his advice and it led to my perfect wedding.  We did everything from a welcome cocktail with an awesome money-saving yet really fun idea from him in a beautiful location, to an old town city tour, a traditional lunch in a historic building, a chiva party bus with live music and dinner at a moat wall restaurant with salsa dancers coming to entertain the guest, all BEFORE the wedding.  My guests had a blast and many of these places, food and drink were his suggestions.  To give you an idea of how amazing they are, here is just one example of what they did for me the week leading up to the wedding:  I was going with a Colombian amazon theme/ all-natural Colombian fruit and fauna.  We served a ceviche appetizer before dinner and it looked perfect in a halved coconut shell.  But the caterer didn't normally do this and only had a few of the coconut halves for serving.  Juan Camilo not only found someone to borrow some from, but even went to a local market and had the coconuts purchased, halved, cleaned out, etc.!

4. The actual wedding.  They have an entire team that day, complete with little ear pieces in their head that help magically keep the whole day running without a hitch! I'm still not sure how many people were working my wedding day from their team but there were many people watching the flow of events and my guests, ensuing everyone was happy and having fun.  Also, everyone also spoke good English, which was critical for my group of guests.  Colombia can be a bit overwhelming, especially for my poor gringo's family, but they quickly relaxed and had a blast once they realized what great hands they were in! The decor, food, ice cold shots, special dancers for the hora loca, EVERYTHING was exactly what I wanted.  They were like physic mind readers, anticipating my every request before I could even ask.  Most importantly, my husband and I loved every second of it and got to enjoy it all.  I think some people feel like the day goes by so fast.  Not us.  We loved every second of it and got to absorb it all, thanks to Caribe Cordial!!

As you can tell, I can't say enough positive things about Caribe Cordial.  I had the best wedding day ever and it never would have been possible without them.  You should absolutely, 100% use them for your Cartagena, Colombia wedding.

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